Alexander Maystrenko

Coordinator Russia and Eastern Europe


Alexander Maystrenko has been working as training consultant since 1995. In this position he has trained participants on all management levels in companies belonging to more than 10 different industries.

Mr Maystrenko has outstanding knowledge in training and coaching on Top Management Level and in helping companies in different sectors of economic activities to implement their strategies and strengthen their company culture.

List of previous Projects (Excerpt)

  • FM Logistic: Form a common leadership style as part of a post-merger integration process. All 150 managers in Russia and Ukraine.

  • SAP: “Leading For High Execution”. A challenging training program to create an execution culture for SAP EMEA Directors in Russia.

  • Tarkett: Walk the Talk Leadership training “Example and Impact”. Implement a unified leadership style. Strengthen a common corporate culture in Russia.

  • Seco Tools: KAM Training, “From Prospect to Active Reference”.

  • Oriflame: Leadership training project for top managers and leaders to form a coaching and feedback culture in Russia, Georgia, Latvia, Ukraine and Mongolia, as well as sharpen their ability to act as excellent leaders. Several Implementation Workshops for Strategy and Culture.

Relevant Education

1993 Marketing Internship, Tomen Corporation, Japan
1988 – 1994 Master of Science in International Business and Economic Relations, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Russia
1980 – 1986 Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, St-Petersburg Institute of Technology (LTI), Russia